The Importance of Being Proactive With Vendor Engagement


Jess O'Shea

April 25, 2022

You spent countless hours putting a solicitation out to bid, only to get 1 response. You may think, “Is the cost competitive? Are they the best person to perform the work? Do we start from scratch and rebid? If so, will we receive a similar outcome?” Unfortunately, this frustrating experience is common. Most agencies struggle to get enough responses to their solicitations. Whether it’s a low response number, low quality of responses, or the same usual suspects, many agencies can’t figure out how to attract fresh options. If this resonates with you, please know that you’re not alone. 

Traditionally, cities have been passive in their vendor outreach and focus only on publishing on their website and in the newspaper. Oftentimes, a vendor is only notified of a published solicitation if they sign up for notifications on the agency’s website or third-party vendors. This process can rely on vendor payments for notifications, and as a result, agencies experience low overall vendor turnout. These methods all rely on a vendor to be proactive when not all vendors have the luxury of doing so. The world post-COVID-19 is laden with unknown, disruptive supply chain issues and contractors prioritizing private-sector profits, both of which contribute to low vendor response rates. In order to get ahead of the problems, it’s time to take a front seat with outreach. 

UrbanLeap knows that a proactive approach to reaching vendors yields better results. Just take a look Morrisville, North Carolina. We understand that it is important to continue publishing both in newspapers and online, we enable you to do so seamlessly. In addition, we are committed to researching and finding relevant vendors even if they are required to be hyper-local. We proactively identify and invite vendors directly to the project using a public URL. We lower the barrier to entry for many vendors in both price and usability, making UrbanLeap the ideal platform to apply through. We track this entire process and provide insights into the potential success of the solicitation and the spread of disadvantaged businesses viewing and applying. It all culminates into a neat report, which can be shared with vendors upon request.

UrbanLeap’s mission is to avoid failed procurements. Take control of your vendor outreach and let us get you the best possible outcome while minimizing staff effort. 

Contact us to learn more about our proactive approach to vendor outreach and if it’s right for you. 

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