Transitioning to E-Procurement with Sealed Bids


Jess O'Shea

May 23, 2022

A bid sealing screen on UrbanLeap.

Many states require a sealed bidding process for public construction projects or proposals above a formal solicitation threshold. This is often used when the award will be given based on price. Traditionally, the process was handled with paper documents, in sealed envelopes, mailed, or walked-in by hand. 

If you’re transitioning to e-procurement to streamline your agency's process, you don’t need to skip the sealed bids. Some may argue, that bids sealed digitally are more secure and compliant. UrbanLeap allows you to run sealed bids, or just seal a cost proposal, while still evaluating the qualifications. Here’s the Why & How! 

Why should I run sealed bids on UrbanLeap?

  • Utilizing a digital protocol for sealed bids reduces human error and fraud.
  • Ensure a competitive & fair bidding process.
  • It saves employees time and effort to keep physical bids in order.
  • With COVID-19, more cities are transitioning to digital solutions to limit exposure/contact with others.
  • Don’t have to worry about whether last-minute bids came in on time. UrbanLeap records submission times for every bid.

How do I run a bid opening on UrbanLeap?

  • Set up a virtual call for the bid opening. For example, you can share a Zoom or Teams invite link.
  • The best practice is to record the call and share it with contractors.
  • Feel free to invite them in person if you choose to gather. 

How does bid sealing technically work?

  • Select your digital template for “sealed bids” from your template library. You will have templates for both non-sealed and sealed solicitations.
  • Identify the bid open time within the project information section of your template.
  • After you Publish, it will lock in your bid open time, preventing users from changing it.
  • The name and timestamp of the individual opening the bids will be logged and cannot be changed, so make sure you’re opening at the correct time. UrbanLeap will give you a clear warning sign to avoid mistakes.

Ready to take the leap?