From Blank Page to Quality Solicitation in 2 Hours: Woodland Park, Colorado x UrbanLeap

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From Blank Page to Quality Solicitation in 2 Hours: Woodland Park, Colorado x UrbanLeap

Woodland Park, Colorado, also known as the City above the Clouds, is a home-rule municipality located high up in the Rocky Mountains. Its cemetery has been operational since 1885—six years before the city was even incorporated. What was a community of 121 people is now home to close to 8,000 residents. The municipality has been planning to expand the cemetery for several years, but every attempt to dig the ground revealed surprises. For Woodland Park’s Public Works Department, expanding the cemetery would be impossible without first getting a clearer picture of what was lying underground.

The Challenge

As a once-in-a-century project, no one in the municipality had the expertise to conduct this project without external help. Drafting a solicitation document without knowing what to ask for or which solutions might be available for this type of project was a daunting challenge. Additionally, there were few examples of similar works done in nearby communities. As a result, the department had a difficult time identifying potential solutions and creating an accurate scope of work.

The Impact

Woodland Park’s procurement team partnered with UrbanLeap to help the city build a quality solicitation that would overcome its challenges. Via UrbanLeap’s platform, the team was able to access curated documents issued by other agencies with similar demographics that had also undertaken similar projects. For example, an RFP issued by the Town of Birmingham, MI, proved highly relevant to what Woodland Park was undertaking. Using UrbanLeap’s RFP builder, Woodland Park’s Management Analyst Rob Felts adapted language from Birmingham’s RFP and built his entire solicitation document in two hours. In parallel, UrbanLeap’s research team identified 40+ vendors with potential solutions for this project -- from ground-penetrating radar to cemetery management software. Through UrbanLeap’s targeted vendor outreach campaign, Woodland Park received 7 proposals, more than double the minimum number required.

“UrbanLeap helped us go from a blank page to 100 mph in no time. The number and the quality of the replies we received exceeded our expectations and proved that the solicitation document we put together was robust. We were able to select a partner quickly and with the confidence that we picked the best possible solution for our community.”

Rob Felts

Management Analyst II, Woodland Park, CO

By the Numbers - From Blank Page to 7 Replies


hours to complete the drafting of a full-fledged RFP


days from RFP drafting to vendor selection


above target in terms of response rate

UrbanLeap simplifies procurement end to end


Easily gather stakeholder requirements and build on examples from other agencies


Reach relevant vendors with a frictionless process that assures valid responses


Objectively and transparently evaluate multiple bids to select the best-fit solution

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