How the Town of Morrisville grew vendor response for their Public Wi-Fi Solicitation by 266%

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How the Town of Morrisville grew vendor response for their Public Wi-Fi Solicitation by 266%

As part of their commitment to deliver digital access to all residents, the town of Morrisville, NC wants to install public Wi-Fi at its parks. The COVID crisis has made the need for providing access quickly and affordably more important than ever. Unfortunately, the project was hampered by an antiquated procurement practice.

The Challenge

Last year, the town budgeted for professional services to do the design and installation of park Wi-Fi at two of its parks. Vendors were individually invited on-site to visit the parks and discuss the requirements of the project and subsequently an RFP was issued. However, only two vendors submitted proposals and the broad disparity in prices made it clear to the IT team that something was off with the RFP. In these circumstances, the Town was not able to move forward with either proposal and had to cancel the RFP despite the impending deadline for the completion of the project.

The Impact

After this first unsuccessful RFP, Morrisville decided to leverage UrbanLeap's platform to draft and publish a new solicitation. UrbanLeap’s data and collaboration tools optimized the entire process from beginning to end for both the Town and the vendors. The new RFP was developed in record time and resulted in a dramatic increase in relevant responses.

“Developing our requirements from the research provided by UrbanLeap and leveraging the platform to streamline our process allowed us to cut down on the amount of conversations we were having with vendors. It also eliminated the need for vendors to interpret what we were saying or looking for because requirements were clearly outlined within the RFP and included in the intake form, this solved our biggest challenge.”

Rick Ralph

Chief Information Officer, Morrisville, NC

By the Numbers – Better Outcomes, Quickly


week procurement process from start to finish


hours saved for Morrisville in development and evaluation


increase in qualified vendor proposals received

UrbanLeap simplifies procurement end to end


Easily gather stakeholder requirements and build on examples from other agencies


Reach relevant vendors with a frictionless process that assures valid responses


Objectively and transparently evaluate multiple bids to select the best-fit solution

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