Sierra Madre, CA: $850K Street Rehabilitation Project

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Sierra Madre, CA: $850K Street Rehabilitation Project

The City of Sierra Madre, California, population 11,000, is located in Los Angeles County in the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley. The Public Works Department maintains the City’s infrastructure and is operating an ongoing street rehabilitation initiative.

The Challenge

Like most small municipalities, Sierra Madre faced challenges obtaining enough bids due to vendor supply chain issues, labor shortages, and increased demand in public works and construction projects. The street rehabilitation project included cold milling and overlay of existing asphalt, crack seal, slurry seal, curb ramps and other concrete repairs, and sidewalk construction on various streets in the City.

The Impact

Sierra Madre partnered with UrbanLeap to ensure a successful outcome for the City, even under challenging circumstances. The City was able to reach more qualified vendors because UrbanLeap’s research team conducted multiple rounds of targeted outreach, engaging over 60 asphalt contractors within a 100-mile radius. Sierra Madre handled all vendor questions through their UrbanLeap portal, making it easy to respond to all questions at once and ensure all bidders had access to the answers. Thanks to UrbanLeap, the City received qualified proposals from 4 vendors, 2 of which were obtained through UrbanLeap’s outreach. They were able to move forward with confidence that the winning bidder offered a competitive solution.

Using UrbanLeap saved us time - somewhere between 60 and 90 days overall - by streamlining the way we normally do things. I like how it accumulated questions, and we answered them all at once through an addendum. UrbanLeap also cast a wide net and made the solicitation accessible to contractors that would not have seen it. I thought contractors might be hesitant about digital bidding, but it all worked out. I am happy with the outcome.

Chris Cimino

Public Works Director for the City of Sierra Madre

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