Case study

Grant Performance Measurement and Progress Reporting


Jeremy Devray-Benichou

November 20, 2020

The City of Sacramento

The City of Sacramento received $89.6 million in Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF) from passage of the federal government’s CARES Act. The city assigned 22% of the funds ($20 million) to 30 programs that specifically target youth and workforce training efforts. The City’s Economic Development and Innovation Department has partnered with UrbanLeap to track program performance and track progress.

“UrbanLeap is one of the most valuable pieces of our program because it allows us to track all of the information related to our sub recipients.” - Melissa Anguiano Innovation & Economic Development Deputy Director

Area: City of Sacramento

Volume of grants managed on UrbanLeap: $20M 

# of projects implemented and tracked on UrbanLeap: 30

Performance metrics examples: # of program participants, # of job created, % of minority / low-income people impacted by program


The Paradox Prize

Launched in June 2019 by the Fund for our Economic Future and its local partners, The Paradox Prize aims to inspire breakthroughs that change lives and transform Northeast Ohio’s economy. The Fund leveraged UrbanLeap to vet applications and award nearly $1 million in grant money to 9 projects which have the potential to improve the mobility of Northeast Ohioans and help businesses access the talent they need. The Fund is also using UrbanLeap to track the performance and the progress of all 9 projects.

“By digitizing the process of collecting and evaluating proposals, UrbanLeap has significantly improved our ability to manage individual projects” - Bethia Burke, President of the Fund

Area: North East Ohio

Volume of grants managed on UrbanLeap: $1M 

# of applications processed on UrbanLeap: 148

# of evaluators: 18, representing 18 local agencies

# of projects implemented and tracked on UrbanLeap: 9

Performance metrics examples: # of riders, ridership growth, % of minority riders, % of low-income riders, # of miles


Planet M

PlanetM, the mobility initiative of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation created two grant programs, one for testing, and one for piloting. PlanetM Testing Grants have been designed to connect early stage startups with leading test sites in Michigan. With the Pilot Grants, PlanetM provides funding to pilot mobility solutions in a real-life environment at small scale, to validate their value proposition and assess their potential impact on the community. Through its partnership with UrbanLeap, PlanetM is getting real time updates of the progress of all 18 projects managed and tracked on the platform.

“UrbanLeap’s application and scoring capabilities are neat. Our review committee was so impressed to see how efficient and easy it was to review and score applications.” - Charlie Tyson, PlanetM’s Technology Activation Manager.

Area: State of Michigan

# of applications processed on UrbanLeap: 124

# of evaluators: 12 from local agencies and private partners

# of projects implemented and tracked on UrbanLeap: 18

Performance metrics examples: user satisfaction, # of new users, # of applications tested

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