City Managers

Work together. Get the right solution. 

Enable city-wide procurement that brings all stakeholders together quickly to achieve successful outcomes and strategic milestones.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Leverage other city’s work to help you draft your solicitation. Set up templates to stay consistent, compliant, and reduce manual efforts across the city, giving your departments time to focus on critical work.

Reach A Large and Diverse Set of Vendors

Boost the quality, quantity, and diversity of proposals you receive through our targeted outreach in addition to our living vendor database. Keep focus on reaching local and disadvantaged businesses.

Understand What's Happening In Your City

Effortlessly see what’s happening with all the procurement projects and leverage data on how to improve the process for all stakeholders.


Best-practice processes for effective procurement


Built-in best practices
A dashboard that helps you improve
Cross-departmental collaboration that’s actually easy
Intentional vendor outreach done for you
Built-in best practices

Enhance your processes with best practices. Apply evidence-based know-how to templates, workflows, and evaluation criteria. Our Customer Success team are your trusted advisors that provide guidelines and best practices to help you build out or enhance your processes.

A dashboard that helps you improve

Use data analytics and visualizations to get an upper hand on your solicitation processes. Go beyond monitoring and maintaining the status quo to actively improve your ways of working. Identify bottlenecks and see how your agency is performing on reaching disadvantaged businesses.

Cross-departmental collaboration that’s actually easy

​​Failure to take every departments’ requirements into account at the start can lead to projects unraveling down the line. UrbanLeap’s collaboration platform makes it easy for all stakeholders to be heard and kept in the loop, from start to finish.

Intentional vendor outreach done for you

With targeted outreach and our living vendor database, we do the legwork to ensure that you receive high-quality, competitive proposals for all solicitations. We can take special care to reach disadvantaged or local businesses.

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Empower your department to get their best work done.