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Get the right solution at lightning speed.

For small and large projects alike, we know you want to move quickly. Join a movement to standardize and simplify the procurement process, so you can get the results you need.

Never Start From A Blank Page Again

We know it can be challenging to define the scope of work and requirements. Develop a solicitation that defines your city’s project scope and requirements with the help of curated solicitations from other cities with similar challenges and demographics.

Procure Without Frustration

Develop solicitations in a fraction of the time by centralizing all work on one system. Complete the procurement process predictably, with rules and regulations programmatically implemented with your procurement owners.

Work Efficiently

Reduce the number of touchpoints by leveraging automations that help make collaboration with procurement and other customer departments easier.

Revolutionize Information Technology

Do more, faster, with predictable templates and powerful workflows 


Step-by-step solicitation creation
Cross-departmental collaboration that’s actually easy
Relevant solicitations from other agencies
Digital evaluations for apples to apples comparisons
Step-by-step solicitation creation

Know exactly what you need to do from the get-go. Our templates & workflows help you to quickly identify what needs to be done, so you can get it done without the hassle.

Cross-departmental collaboration that’s actually easy

​​Failure to take every departments’ requirements into account at the start can lead to projects unraveling down the line. UrbanLeap’s collaboration platform makes it easy for all stakeholders to be kept in the loop, from start to finish. Say no to emails and endless back-and-forth. Keep track of everything that’s happening in your city in one place.

Relevant solicitations from other agencies

Finding solutions to your city’s complex challenges requires more than a Google search. UrbanLeap does the research for you, curating solicitation documents from other cities.

Digital evaluations for apples to apples comparisons

Multi-stakeholder collaboration on spreadsheets can be a nightmare. UrbanLeap offers a data-driven way to help you assess and select the best solution based on your city’s unique criteria and requirements.

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